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    Going Digital: Is Ghana’s Street Art Obsolete?

    Art can be found in almost every corner in Accra – from neighborhood churches, schools and pubs to street stalls, barber shops and corporate campaigns. Art is serious business. In fact, traditional street art is an influential part of Ghana’s advertising history. This street art features large boards painted with images of popular individuals such […]

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    nero x
    Nyimpa Nua: Nero X Has Been Playing Us All Along

    Since releasing “Osey” in April 2014, Nero X has constantly played on our emotions. Why? The Ghanaian is both copiously emotional and incurably religious. I mean, this is the place where there are more churches than health centres, where there are billboards and radio adverts for fetish priests, and where we are at the most […]

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    Campus Diaries: Many Colours, Different Shades

    Being on university campus is very exciting. The health programmes, drink-ups,   hall week celebrations, beach parties, games, among others, are irreplaceable. I am sorry if you did not have the opportunity to be there. But hey, don’t worry. Your children may tell you about campus life someday. That said, let me give you a brief […]

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    Meet Abraham Afful: The Boxer Who Prays for His Opponents

    For a living, boxers beat other men to bloody unconsciousness or exhaustion. It is a sport that demands one man to be cruel to the other, raising moral questions about whether boxing is compatible with religious teachings. But religion and boxing have always been closely connected. From ring legend Muhammad Ali’s conversion to Islam to […]

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